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Ask Beauty Blush : Post Delivery Hairloss

Mrs M asks :

I have a problem of too much of hair loss. The reason for it i can predict is lack of immunity, improper food intakes, a lot of physical and mental stress. (this has happened a lot post delivery). However i have taken medicines of trichup, massage etc i dont think it has helped. My hair is curly and now they are very thin and still hair loss is at a major. Can you please suggest something to overcome this.

Answer :


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Winter Survival : Complete Skincare Guide

Hello everyone!

Hope the winters are treating you well. It is essential to change and update our skin care routine as per the weather since skin reacts differently to different climatic conditions. Today’s post will guide you about skincare in winters.



Winters are a time to opt for gentle and mild cleansers. Harsh cleansers will strip your skin of moisture leading to increased dryness so always opt for mild cleansers this season...

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Winter Quick Tip : For Soft Lips

Hi Everyone!

So its winter and the weather is getting really cold. It has already taken a toll on your lips – they are dry and parched so you apply lip balms regularly…But wait a minute ! Did you exfoliate the lips?

Yes exfoliation is an essential step in keeping your lips soft. It removes the dead cells to reveal fresh soft cells underneath. Without exfoliation no matter how much lip balm you apply the lips will appear chapped and unsightly...

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