3 Super Quick Natural Ways to Shiny Hair

Hi everyone!

So we all dream of gorgeous shiny hair like the ones seen on those models and actresses in shampoo ads (think Kareena, Anushka et al)..

We may not have access to the kind of stylists and ‘special effects’ these actresses have but in today’s post I will be sharing how to get shiny hair in 3 super quick ways.



After you finish shampooing and conditioning the hair squeeze a lemon in a big mug of lukewarm/cold water and use it as the last step to rinse the hair. You will have shiny hair in no time along with a refreshing feeling too!




Use about half tsp apple cider vinegar diluted with a mug full of water as a last rinse. Besides adding shine to the hair vinegar is a great anti bacterial agent too and will cleanse the scalp.



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No time for vinegar or lemon or just feeling plain lazy? Worry not! Use plain cold water as the last rinse for your hair. Even if you shampoo and condition using lukewarm water, use cold water to finally rinse hair.


All the above tricks will seal in shine and give you lustrous hair. Hope you enjoyed reading the tips!

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