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Mrs M asks :

I have a problem of too much of hair loss. The reason for it i can predict is lack of immunity, improper food intakes, a lot of physical and mental stress. (this has happened a lot post delivery). However i have taken medicines of trichup, massage etc i dont think it has helped. My hair is curly and now they are very thin and still hair loss is at a major. Can you please suggest something to overcome this.

Answer :

Hi. The problem you are suffering from is one of the commonest problems faced by women post delivery. It is known as ACUTE TELOGEN EFFlUVIUM. Normally only 5-15% of our total scalp hair are in a falling phase but post delivery this proportion suddenly increases due to the physiological stress the body undergoes during labor and the changed hormonal levels during pregnancy and post delivery. Mental stress also causes more number of hair to fall out. Lack of nutrition doesn’t allow the fallen hair to grow back properly which leads to thinning.

My suggestions : 

  • Get your haemogram and vitamin B12 levels checked. If you are diagnosed with deficiencies which is very likely considering the post partum and nutritional status do consult a doctor and start with medication and nutritional supplements.
  • Use herbal products only for your hair and shampoo at least twice a week. Brand recommendation : Patanjali shampoo – It has worked for me.
  • Use wooden comb to reduce breakage and always comb hair from tips i.e the lower ends first.
  • Have a protein rich diet – Have soya / eggs /raw or boiled sprouts/methi seeds daily.
  • Drink 2 cups of green daily
  • Have iron rich food like dates/black raisins/beet root daily to make up for the nutritional needs. Iron and protein if taken daily will definitely keep your hair healthy.

Hope my answer helps you…..

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