Avoid Alert!!Disappointing 10 Beauty Buys OF 2013

Hello everyone!

After listing out the good its time to mull over the bad. Here’s a quick round up of the products which disappointed me in 2013. I am listing them so you can save a few bucks probably!

  • Richfeel Arnica Shampoo : 

This one made my hair super dry which it usually isn’t! Also gave me dandruff issue which I never had to begin with whereas it claims to be anti dandruff! It is quite high on sulphates so those of you who have allergy to sulphates or want to go sulphate free should avoid this product.

  • Maybelline crayon eye liner


Smudges a lot. I ended up with panda eyes…

  • Tresemme Climate Control Shampoo


Though I like the smooth and shine variant of tresemme,the climate control variant did not go down well with me and made my hair dry and frizzy.Not expected from a Tresemme shampoo..

  • Colorbar fresh start water cleanser


It did not cleanse well and broke me out. The SA had sold it to me as a cleanser cum make up remover. It stings eyes badly so never try to remove eye make up with this one. Nevertheless it is inefficient as a make up remover. It also broke me out.

  • Coloressence Lipsticks : 


This one was a purchase by my mom. She got it since it was really cheap – 112 bucks for a lipstick. However to our disappointment the lip sticks are very very dry and you have to literally tug a lot to apply them.

  • Bajaj almond drops hair oil


Though this is a popular hair oil I found it to be quite sticky and it never came off during hair wash.

  • Maybelline dream touch compact


I found this to be too sheer. That too was alright but I found it did not even out skin tone neither added a glow. In fact I could hardly tell any difference after using this product. It may probably work as a setting powder but by itself it won’t do much for your face.

  • Aroma magic sunscreen spf30


This one flakes a lot and has to be applied very carefully or you will end up with white flakes all over your face. It did not protect me from tanning.

  • The Body Shop vitamin E eye cream


I had very high expectations from this product but it disappointed me. It did nothing for my dark circles.

  • Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains

images (1)

I know this a raved about product but I just did not find it moisturizing enough as claimed by its ‘balm’ properties neither did I find it long lasting enough as claimed by its ‘stain’ properties.

These were the products I was disappointed with in 2013. These are purely my experiences that I have shared here and I have nothing against any brand or product.

Which products disappointed you last year?



Images Courtesy : google, purplle


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