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Weight loss detox tea

Hello readers.
Detoxification is a process of removal of toxins or unhealthy substances from the body. Detoxification helps in improving our metabolism and thus aids weight loss.
In today’s post I am sharing a weight loss detox tea recipe that is easy and will help you shed those extra pounds.


  • One teaspoon cumin or jeera seeds

  • One teaspoon corriander or dhania seeds

  • One teaspoon fennel seeds or saunf


  • Cumin or jeera stimul...
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Vitamins & Minerals To Stop Hair loss

Hey everyone!

Hairloss is becoming one of the most rampant health issues amongst people of all age groups.

In this post I will be enlisting some of the most important vitamins & minerals to stop hair loss.



Iron is one of the most important mineral that is essential to control hair loss. Make sure you increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. Try having ragi bhakari instead of bread or chapati. Also include beat root,raisins,groundnuts and black dates ...

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Stop Hair Thinning : The Anti DHT Diet

Hey everyone!

Hair loss has become an extremely rampant these days owing to the current lifestyle and stress. Many youngsters are also suffering from thinning. There are many types of hair thinning,( the details of which I shall talk about in another post) – the commonest of which is Androgenetic Alopecia.


The hormone testosterone is present in males and females – with a higher concentration in males which makes them more prone to ...

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