DIY Lip Scrub For Winter

Hey everyone!

The temperature has taken a steep dip and this is bound to take a toll on your lips. Today I am going to share a quick and easy lip scrub recipe that you can make yourself and that will instantly give you smoother, softer lips.


  • Using a lip scrub will exfoliate the dead cells away.
  • It promotes blood circulation and gives you healthier looking and plumper lips.
  • It reduces chapping of lips.



Ingredients :

This is really simple – you only need 2 ingredients : brown sugar and honey – that’s it.

Take about a teaspoonful of brown cane sugar. Add about half a tea spoon honey.

Make sure you do not add too much honey as we do not want the sugar to melt into it – we want the brown sugar particles to remain slightly coarse for better exfoliation.

Combine the two ingredients together.

Voila! Your lip scrub is ready.

Now take some lip scrub on your finger tips, apply to your lips and gently start exfoliating in circular motion.

Exfoliate the lips for around 2minutes, wash the scrub with water, pat dry and apply your favorite lip balm.

You will instantly have softer smoother healthier lips!


If you can’t find brown sugar, white sugar that is not too coarse would also get the job done.


You can even refrigerate the lip scrub for using at a later time. This would make a really nice personalized Christmas gift too 🙂

Hope you liked the DIY lip scrub …Do try it this winter ..

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