Hey everyone!
The biggest festival of our country is here and who wouldn’t love to glow in this Festival of Lights !
In today’s post I will share a quick and easy home made face pack to light up your complexion.

1.Yoghurt : my most favourite natural beauty fix ever 🙂 Take yoghurt sufficient enough to cover your face and neck – around 2 tea spoons
2.Honey : 1 tea spoon , to add moisture and glow
3.Lemon : juice of a quarter lemon , to brighten the skin and remove dullness

1.Mix together all the ingredients till a smooth paste like consistency is attained.
2.Clean face thoroughly , pat dry and apply the pack on your face and neck.
3.Let the pack soak in and dry for around 15-20 minutes.
4.Wash off with plain cold water and tone your skin with rose water.

This face pack is a boost of moisture along with skin lightening pore tightening and anti ageing benefits present in its ingredients.

You will be left with soft glowing skin in no time with this DIY festive glow pack. So get glowing this Diwali and stay gorgeous 🙂

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