Fresh depuffed eyes in a minute!

Hello everyone!
Each of us has woken up to puffy/swollen/dull eyes or faced this problem after long hours of work or study. Eyes are the first thing people usually notice about you and dull eyes can mess up your look.

In today’s post I will share a trick to freshen up your eyes in a minute with some added health benefits as well!

The Prep : 

green tea

  • Prepare green tea – any brand would do and its as simple as just adding tea powder to boiling water.
  • Let the green tea cool. Once it cools pour it in an ice tray to prepare your own green tea ice cubes.

The real trick : 


Now next time you wake up with puffy eyes just open your refrigerator and put the green tea ice cube in a thin cloth and place over your eyes for a minute. Repeat the same with the other eye and that’s it. You will awaken your eyes in a jiffy!

The benefits : 

  • The coolness of ice causes a constriction of blood capillaries and thus reduces swelling and puffiness.
  • Once the capillaries dilate back there is and increased blood flow which freshens up your eyes.
  • Green tea is an amazing antioxidant and will nourish the delicate eye area. Used consistently it will reduce dark circles as well act as a wonderful anti ageing product.

Fun Lazy Tip : Not in a mood to go through the ordeal of preparing the green tea and freezing it? No problem! Just open your fridge, grab and ice cube and place over your eyes and it works just as well..

So this was a little trick to quickly freshen up your eyes.Hope it helps.



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