Laurels : Tresemme’ Split Remedy Shampoo And Conditioner Review

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Many of us have faced and continue to face the problem of split ends. So far the only solution available for split ends was to trim the affected hair but Tresemme’ Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner claims to change that and more..Let’s see whether it lives up to these claims in today’s product scan.

About Split Ends :

It is the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to excessive heat or mechanical stress.

About the Split Remedy collection :


As per the official website, The Tresemme’ Split Remedy collection gently cleanses and moisturizes so hair is healthy looking and managable, while reducing split ends upto 80% after just 3 uses.

The USP :

The innovative Reconstructing Complex that binds split ends and with continued use fixes damage as it occurs.

Laurel worthy ingredients :

I love that the shampoo and the conditioner have an amino-vitamin blend. They contain a host of wonderful ingredients like



Vitamin E

Vitamin B3

Vitamin C

Amino acids

These are rarely found in other shampoos and they do work wonders for the hair – short- term and in the long run as well!

My experience with the shampoo :


The shampoo comes in a classy black flip cap bottle that is very convenient to use and carry while travelling.

Here is the swatch of the shampoo :

shampoo swatch

The shampoo lathers well in a small quantity, has a wonderful creamy consistency and thoroughly cleanses all dirt and grime.

Yes it does soften and smoothen the hair as claimed. It has a lovely fragrance too that lasts for another day post hair wash. My dry hair were left soft and manageable after using the shampoo.

My experience with the conditioner :


The conditioner is simply amazing. I could feel a reduction in my hair dryness and split ends after the first use itself. My hair also entangled less comparatively. Also a big pro was that it didn’t give me any excess hair fall and even post wash my hair fall was quite less since hair were totally manageable. Here is a swatch of the conditioner :

conditioner swatch

The Verdict :

The Tresemme’ Split Remedy combo does live up to its claims and after around 4-5 uses I can definitely say that it does reduce split ends and makes hair soft.

Here’s a picture of me after using Tresemme’ split remedy combo – Please note that the photograph is not edited and no leave in conditioner has been used. Hair has been air dried post wash and conditioning.



Rating : 5/5

Price : Rupees 80 each for 90 ml shampoo and conditioner

Repurchase : On my second bottles already!

Recommendation : I think Tresemme’ has come up with a wonderful, pocket friendly solution for split ends that actually stands true to its claims and I would definitely recommend all of you to try it out.

So say goodbye to split ends and say hello to gorgeous healthy hair with Tresemme’ Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner!

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