Organic Harvest Lip Balm Review

Hey everyone! Lip balms are an all season essential. I recently spotted a cute EOS style lip balm on my recent trip to the mall and I couldn’t resist buying it – it’s the Organic Harvest Lip Balm.

About the product :


A rich, natural moisturizing lip balm made with hydrating lanolin and natural waxe, helps in retaining water, providing long lasting mositurization, and removing blackness and dead skin cells.

Ingredients :


Certified Organic lanolin, Shea butter, BHT and food grade strawberry flavor. No Color Added – Color of the product may change due to the use of Organic and Natural ingredients.

Usage :

You can apply it by closing your lips together and pouting (don’t girls love to do that!) or simply smile with your lips closed, and apply the dome to both of your lips at the same time.

Price : INR 149

Packaging :


The USP of this product is it’s spherical packaging. Besides being cute it’s useful since you can apply the lip balm on upper and lower lips simultaneously. This one is a dupe for EOS lip balm.

My Experience :

  • This has a soft non waxy texture and glides smoothly on the lips.
  • Moisturizes lips really well.
  • Lasting power is around 4hours after which a reapplication would be necessary (I have very dry lips).
  • Heals chapped lips and reduces dryness.
  • Perfect to wear under lipsticks especially matte ones since it is colorless.

Rating : 5/5



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