Review : Patanjali Herbal Kajal

Hey everyone!

I have tried the Patanjali kajal and here’s my review of the same :

About the product :

A safe and unique ointment formulation. Its special combination of precious herbs,vegetable oils and waxes helps to maintain and improve vision.


Packaging :

It is packaged in a retractable bullet made of plastic. The cap shuts tightly so it is travel friendly.



Price : INR 90

Quantity : 3gm

Claims :

No smudge, no smear

Relaxes and soothes eyes

Ingredients :

Castor oil, Almond oil, Amla, Harad, Baheda, Yashti madhu, Rasaut

My experience :

Pros :

Provides a cooling sensation to the eyes which is a good thing specially with the hot weather refusing to cease!

Ayurvedic ingredients good for healthy eyes.

Reasonably priced

Cons :

Not smudge free. After application began to smudge within half an hour..

Not smear free too as claimed 🙁

Not suitable for use on the upper eyelids or as a liner.

Gave me panda eyes at work!!

Swatches : 


Verdict :

This is not a kajal one can wear to work or an outing for too long!

Not suitable for use in monsoons or summers (sweat and water will make it further smudge prone).

Probably useful as a medicinal kajal – I am planning to use it that way to relax and cool the eyes but I wouldn’t really suggest to use it as a cosmetic kajal because I prefer smudge proof kajals for the same.

Repurchase and recommendation :

I wouldn’t personally repurchase it and would recommend it for only medicinal use.

2 responses to “Review : Patanjali Herbal Kajal

  1. Ekta

    Thanks dear for the review. I think I will not go for this kajal. I prefer something long lasting as too lazy to do anything. i hv liked colosal persoanlly. you can give your review on that.


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