Summer Fashion : Colors to wear

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There seems to be no respite from the scorching heat anytime soon but that’s no excuse to be clumsy when it comes to fashion! Summers are a wonderful time to rock several colors and in today’s post I’ll talk about what colors you can wear this summer to look your stylish best!!


NO BLACK Avoid wearing colors that are too dark and too warm like black, deep red, maroon. These colors will absorb heat and you will end up feeling the heat more than necessary! In people with sensitive skin wearing heat absorbing colors in summers may even trigger heat rash.


Summers are good time to wear light colors. The science behind this is that light colors reflect the sun’s harsh rays and thus help you stay cooler. Some of the best colors to wear this summer are :

  • Mint :

pastel-mint-topI am in love with this color lately. Just the look of it is so cool and refreshing! Mint colored tops look the best but you can also experiment with mint color in jeans and skirts.

  • Lime :


A wonderful color best suited for cute flowy dresses,  tees and tops. Gives you the perfect summery look!

  • Aqua Blue : 


Aqua blue is a hot favorite for summers! Best suited for kurtis,  tops,  dresses and skirts.

  • Peach :


Go different way and try pastel peach this summer. Sheer peach tops and summer dresses look amazing.

  • Pastel Pink

th (3)

Pink is synonymous with cute and it will keep you cool too..Make the most of this color during summers.

  • Neon


Neons are totally in these days, the color is a statement by itself! Summers are a perfect time to flaunt neon so go bold!

  • Pastel Orange


Pastel orange tops look super cute just like pink. Go for polka dots like the above one or plain tops.

  • Teal


Yet another color that is really cool and trending. This one is big on my wishlist!! Teal is versatile and will look good as a top / skirt / cotton trouser / denim.

  • Khaki


Khaki capris,  trousers,  shorts and skirts are a must have for summers.


  • White


The classic and eternal favorite for summers is white! No color can be as cool,  as soothing and as perfect for summer dressing!



Images courtesy : bing image search, jk dresses

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  1. supriya joshi

    Nice tips.sometimes we are confused about colours.but thanks for your article.pleasing refreshing colours! Beauty blush rocks!


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