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Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which makes it one of the best oils for hair & skin. Here’s how you can incorporate this liquid gold in your beauty routine for amazing hair & skin : 1. Leave in conditioner : Argan oil works amazingly well to reduce dryness & frizz. 2. Add to your shampoo/ conditioner: Add a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo/conditioner. It will instantly soften your hair. 3. Moisturizer : Argan oil works wonders on dry skin & is also an effective anti oil. Massage a few drops of argan oil before bedtime and watch the oil work its magic.

Learn the amazing benefits of Argan oil and ways it can work wonders for you.
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Laurels : Tresemme’ Split Remedy Shampoo And Conditioner Review

Hello everyone!

Many of us have faced and continue to face the problem of split ends. So far the only solution available for split ends was to trim the affected hair but Tresemme’ Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner claims to change that and more..Let’s see whether it lives up to these claims in today’s product scan.

About Split Ends :

It is the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to excessive heat or mechanical stress.

About the Split Remedy collection :

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