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Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which makes it one of the best oils for hair & skin. Here’s how you can incorporate this liquid gold in your beauty routine for amazing hair & skin : 1. Leave in conditioner : Argan oil works amazingly well to reduce dryness & frizz. 2. Add to your shampoo/ conditioner: Add a few drops of argan oil to your shampoo/conditioner. It will instantly soften your hair. 3. Moisturizer : Argan oil works wonders on dry skin & is also an effective anti oil. Massage a few drops of argan oil before bedtime and watch the oil work its magic.

Learn the amazing benefits of Argan oil and ways it can work wonders for you.
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Hey beauties!

Love playing with your hair? Its the perfect time to show off!


Dove is conducting a contest btn_img *

Play with your hair according to the theme of the week, take a selfie and upload it on the Dove website HERE.

There are loads of prizes to be won.


So let your hair down and post your #DoveSelfie!


*PR Info. For more details visit the #DoveSelfie website

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Haircare : Controlling Graying & A special natural hair dye!

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post deals with the woes of early or premature graying. The age at which hair normally grays is different for different races. By and large Indians suffering from graying below the age of 30yrs can be considered to be suffering from Premature Graying.


  • Hereditary i.e those who have a family history of early graying are most likely to suffer from it.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies specially vitamin b12
  • Syst...
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