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Oil your hair the right way!

Warm your hair oil before applying.

Warm hair oil will get absorbed in the scalp more easily and nourish your hair roots.

Concentrate oil at your hair roots. Dab oil on the scalp for maximum benefit. Do not massage vigorously-be gentle to avoid hair fall.

Happy Oiling..

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4 Amazing Hair Oils For Gorgeous Hair

Hey everyone!

Healthy and beautiful hair can take our beauty several notches higher. Oiling the hair has been a tradition in India and today I will be enlisting 4 amazing hair oils for gorgeous hair



Castor oil is believed to promote hair growth.

It also thickens the hair .

Castor oil reduces hair fall and replenishes damaged hair.

Castor oil makes your mane voluminous and shiny.

It also great for deep conditioning your hair and moisturizing your dry ...

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Stop Hair Thinning : The Anti DHT Diet

Hey everyone!

Hair loss has become an extremely rampant these days owing to the current lifestyle and stress. Many youngsters are also suffering from thinning. There are many types of hair thinning,( the details of which I shall talk about in another post) – the commonest of which is Androgenetic Alopecia.


The hormone testosterone is present in males and females – with a higher concentration in males which makes them more prone to ...

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