Tips to make your perfume last longer

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We all love our perfumes,don’t we? However it breaks our heart to see that we invested in an amazing perfume but it hardly lasts!

In this post I will share a few tips and tricks to make your perfume last longer so you feel fresh and smell good all day!

  • Choose Well :


 A perfume has 3 notes-

1.Top/Head – the fragrance that is evident as soon as you spray the perfume. These evaporate quickly.

2.Middle/Heart – The scent that remains after the top note evaporates.

3.Base – The main theme of a perfume.


Chose your perfume taking into consideration the base note as that is the fragrance that shall remain longer. Musk base notes specially last longer while the citrus top notes fade away quickly.

  • Prepare Skin :


Perfume will last much longer on moisturized skin than it will on dry skin. Hence always make sure to moisturize your skin before you spray on your perfume.

Additional Tip : Some even recommend applying petroleum jelly to the points where you will be spraying perfume and then using the perfume. This is because petroleum jelly doesn’t allow moisture to evaporate so it will make your perfume stay longer!!

  • Spray Well :

final perfume

Knowing where to apply perfume is the most important step in making your perfume last longer. Our body has certain pulse points which are naturally warmer. If you apply your perfume at these pulse points the heat at those points will make your perfume last longer. The pulse points are :

1.Behind the ears

2.Behind the neck

3.Inner side of your wrists

4.Inner side of your elbows

5.Behind your knees

So this is how you can get the most out of your perfume and make it last longer!



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