Tips To Prevent Monsoon Hair Loss

Monsoons are a wonderful time to enjoy the beauty of nature. However when it comes to the beauty of  hair, monsoons are rather disappointing.

Most individuals experience excess hair fall during the rainy season.



  • The moisture and humidity in the air makes hair frizzy and tangled. This damaged hair is prone to fall easily.
  • The pollutants in the environment are high during the first few showers which can lead to an increased hair loss – specially if one happens to get drenched in the early monsoon showers.
  • The acid and chemical content in the rain water is exceptionally high in polluted cities and individuals residing in such areas may experience excessive hair loss and hair damage.
  • One naturally tends to drink less water during monsoons leaving the hair dehydrated and prone to falling.


Comb Wet Hair

  • Right combing technique :

Avoid combing wet hair. Once hair is partially dry detangle using a wide tooth comb first and then use a hair brush.

  • Protect :

Protect your hair from rain water and avoiding getting wet in the rain – specially if you happen to reside in a polluted environment.

  • Wash :

The risk for dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp is higher during monsoons hence make sure to shampoo at least twice a week. If you have an oily scalp, shampoo thrice a week or on alternate days with a mild shampoo.

  • Oil :

A warm oil massage with olive, coconut or jojoba oil will help to reduce excess hair loss. However ensure that excess oil is not used since more shampoo will be required to wash away the excess oil leading to increased frizziness. For best results massage warm oil into the scalp, leave overnight and rinse next morning.

  • Hydrate :

Maintain a water intake of at least 2-3 liters a day to save your hair from dehydration and dryness.

  • Aloe Vera hair pack for oily scalp :

Those with an oily scalp can apply aloe vera as a pre wash treatment. Leave in the aloe vera gel for an hour and shampoo for softer frizz free hair.

  • Banana and Honey Mask for dry hair :

Mashed banana and honey mask replenishes moisture in dehydrated locks thus strengthening them and reducing hair loss.

  • Yogurt and lemon mask for dandruff :

A mixture of yogurt and lemon can be applied to the scalp half an hour prior to hair wash to reduce dandruff and fungal infections.

  • Using lukewarm water :

Do not use hot water for hair wash as that will further dry out the hair. Opt for lukewarm water to reduce dryness and frizziness.

  • Increase protein intake :

Include more sources of protein such as soya bean, eggs, sprouts, fish in your diet.

  • Sip on green tea :

Sip on some warm green tea to get your boost of anti oxidants and reduce hair loss.

  • Reduce coffee and aerated drinks :

Reduce the intake of coffee and aerated drinks to prevent dehydration.

These tips will help you prevent excess hair loss during monsoon. However if you still continue to face severe hair loss it is recommended to consult a doctor and start with medical treatment for the same.

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