Vitamins & Minerals To Stop Hair loss

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Hairloss is becoming one of the most rampant health issues amongst people of all age groups.

In this post I will be enlisting some of the most important vitamins & minerals to stop hair loss.



Iron is one of the most important mineral that is essential to control hair loss. Make sure you increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. Try having ragi bhakari instead of bread or chapati. Also include beat root,raisins,groundnuts and black dates in your diet to promote the quantity of iron in the body.



Along with iron vitamin C intake is a must. If one consumes only iron rich food but the quantity of vitamin C is low iron will not be effectively absorbed in the body. Try to have amla daily-that is the best source of vitamin C.


vitamin b12 sources

Vitamin B12 is very important for formation of blood in the body and for healthy hair. It is mostly found in non vegetarian food only so vegetarians need to watch out for deficiency of this vitamin.



Biotin or vitamin H helps in formation of keratin which is a hair protein. It is said to promote the growth and strength of hair. Have eggs and green leafy vegetables for your dose of biotin.



Zinc deficiency can cause hair fall and breakage. Have a bowl of curd daily to avoid zinc deficiency.

Do include these essential vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. You will notice a definite reduction in your hairloss.

Stay healthy!

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