Want Glowing Ageless Skin? Try these essential Oils!

Olive Oil :


This is one of the most popular and most moisturizing oils.

It is best suited to dry skin.

It moisturizes the skin really well and is very effective against fine lines and wrinkles too.

Neem Oil :


This one is a must try for oily skin and acne prone skin.

Besides being moisturizing it also has wonderful anti bacterial properties that makes it very effective against acne.

Marula Oil :


This essential oil is gaining popularity as a great antioxidant.

Marula oil is also very rich in linoleic acid that makes it a highly potent moisturizing and anti aging agent.

Tea Tree Oil :


Tea tree oil is widely used by those with acne prone skin.

Beside reducing acne it also helps in fading marks and scars caused due to acne.

It will specially be useful for those whose skin is very sensitive and those who cannot tolerate benzoyl peroxide.

Lavender Oil :


Lavender oil has anti inflammatory and healing properties.

It’s soothing smell definitley helps to calm your nerves.

Peppermint Oil :


Peppermint oil helps control excess sebum or oil production from the skin and makes your skin look as well as feel fresh.

Jojoba Oil :


Highly emollient in nature, jojoba oil suits not just dry but oily skin as well. Though it is moisturizing it doesn’t clog pores hence it is apt for all skin types.

Jojoba oil neutralizes the pH of the skin and also has amazing anti inflammatory properties.

Argan Oil :


Argan is great for oily skin and keeps excess oil production in check.

Chamomile Oil :


Chamomile oil has anti inflammatory properties. It is also highly effective in reducing swelling and puffiness.

Grape-seed Oil :


Grape seed oil helps to control excess sebum production.

Rose Oil :


Great for dry skin since it has excellent moisturizing properties.



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