Winter Quick Tip : For Soft Lips

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So its winter and the weather is getting really cold. It has already taken a toll on your lips – they are dry and parched so you apply lip balms regularly…But wait a minute ! Did you exfoliate the lips?

Yes exfoliation is an essential step in keeping your lips soft. It removes the dead cells to reveal fresh soft cells underneath. Without exfoliation no matter how much lip balm you apply the lips will appear chapped and unsightly. Here I’ll be sharing the quickest and easiest method of exfoliating your lips.




All you need is good ol’ petroleum jelly and a toothbrush with soft bristles. I personally like to use a baby brush for lip exfoliation since it is really gentle.

Step 1 : Apply petroleum jelly on your lips. Let it stay on for atleast 2-5min.

Step 2 : Take some petroleum jelly on the tooth brush and now gently rub the toothbrush on your lips in circular motions.


You will see the dead cells getting exfoliated away!

Step 3 : Rinse and make sure you apply your lip balm. You are good to go with super soft lips!

Fun Tip : Some prefer to skip the petroleum jelly and simply exfoliate their lips by gently brushing them in a circular manner.

Try this tip and you will never have to worry about chapped lips again!


Images courtesy : wikihow, polished tv

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